Chapter 1.1: Ma Anderson’s Children Home for the Gifted

“Willow, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Willow scoffed at her sister Megan’s worry. “We’ll be fine.”

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Megan felt her anxiety rise up, and she hastily walked off the make sure it went away. She saw her twin start crying, possibly mourning their parents. She was the most affected, they died right in front of her. She’s rubbish at swimming, so she couldn’t help them.

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Willow’s gaze hardened. Willow turned and walked towards the door as Megan broke down, sobbing quietly into her gloves. Willow knocked.

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Megan went quiet as an older lady in a pink dressing gown came to the door and opened it with a smile. “Yes dear-” she looked at Megan and Willow. “I mean dears?” Willow looked up at her and started blurting out there story as the lady listened. “And so we really, really need to talk to Ms Anderson.” Willow finished. “I am Ms Anderson dear, so your very lucky. May I ask your names?” Willow stared at the ground. Do we need to lie? She thought. “I’m Megan, and this is Willow.” Ms Anderson nodded. Come inside out of the cold, and take a look around.” Willow walked in before she could change her mind, and Megan followed her.

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Megan walked around, feeling instantly at home when Amelie Short, one of Ms Anderson’s helpers and former resident of the Children’s Home, gave her a pair of pink flowery PJs, and her sister received a green pair. Amelie showed them the rooms they could stay in, and a toddler turned out to be in the main dorm! His name was Carlos Heartuio, but Amelie had hinted that wasn’t really his last name.

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Meanwhile, Willow was having a long talk with Ms Anderson.

After a yummy dinner of Stu Surprise and a dessert of Baked Angel Food Cake, the sisters went into a fully black bedroom. Amelie looked sheepish. “Sorry for the colour, a girl by the name of Latasha Goth, yes, Goth, was a goth and this was her room.” Megan was amazed by how pretty the room was, compared to her old room. “We want sleep in here.” Willow said. “Alright.” Amelie replied, looking doubtful, and she went out of the room. An hour later, after Amelie’s best friend and fellow helper, Chantrelle Riffin, had finished tutoring Amelie in logic, and Ms Anderson had finished tutoring her in cooking, she checked in on the twins, and they were fast asleep in the same bed. Amelie smiled and went into her own room, getting changed and falling asleep quickly.

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When Amelie got up at 1am in the morning to feed Carlos and quieten him down, she didn’t realise that Megan was watching her, plagued by worry.

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Megan got out of bed, careful not to wake her sleeping sister. She walked over to Amelie, who didn’t looked surprised that Megan was out of bed. “Are you alright, Miss De Luca?” Megan stared at the ground. “I..I’m always worried, it’s always in the pit of my stomach.” Amelie nodded. “Yes, Chantrelle used to have anxiety. That’s what you have. Painting and writing helped her, i’ll ask Chan to teach you to paint.” Amelie gestured around them, to a few beautiful paintings. “She painted those, and her parents died aswell. Now, you should go have a midnight snack to calm you down.”

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“Thank you.” The short ten year old said, and walked to get a midnight snack. The nineteen year old stared after Megan, smiling gently.

“No problem.”

How will Megan & Willow get along at school? Who is Carlos’s mum & dad, and why are Ms Anderson and the Helpers so secretive about it?


Generation One: Willow & Megan

“We had to run away, Ms Anderson. Our Aunt is evil. We’re sure she murdered our parents!”

Willow De Luca:


  • Good sense of Humor
  • Brave
  • Daredevil

Weight: Skinny

Hair colour: Ginger, with a temper to match.

Personality: Willow has a hot temper, but in her childhood it went away after her parents died, and she had to look after her siamese twin, Megan. It was her idea to run to the children’s home.

“We are terrified of our aunt, she threatened to hit Willow, so I had to sprint her away. We spent two nights at the rotted shop with the dinosaur. Thank goodness we live in Appaloosa Plains.”

Megan De Luca:


  • Family -Oriented
  • Bookworm
  • Friendly

Weight: Skinny

Hair color: Ginger.

Personality: Megan is the quiet one, plagued by a anxiety disorder that she never told anyone except her mother about. She cares about her family and would rather sit in a corner reading books then playing sports, unlike her scruffy sister.

“Come on, step inside. This is the start of our new life, Megan. I can feel it.”

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